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Dehydration Effects on Body

Dehydration Effects on Body

The need for water in the human body can be gauged from the fact that water plays a vital role in the formation of blood and in the elimination of toxins from the body. If drinking a certain amount of water throughout the day becomes a routine of life, then there will never be dehydration in the body.

However, with the release of water vapor, when the body becomes entangled in diseases, then we come to our senses. And of course, it is the water that enters our body and keeps us away from various ailments.

Dehydration can be fatal in summer

Dehydration during the summer season can lead to a number of diseases, most notably dehydration. The human body suddenly needs more water in summer than in winter, due to which we feel thirstier in summer.

The most important reason for this is the flow of sweat in summer which causes our body It cools down but the water in the body also runs out very quickly and we feel thirsty again soon after drinking water. If this need for water is not met immediately, we can suffer from many diseases.

The first disease you suffer from due to dehydration is dehydration. A person usually suffers from dehydration. Includes, which are necessary for the functioning of muscles and brain functions.

People of all ages can suffer from dehydration but the effects of this disease are more pronounced in children and the elderly as these are two ages at which the human body has less ability to fight diseases.

Therefore, do not ignore dehydration in children and the elderly, because if it is not treated in time, death can occur. The disease can be dangerous for children and the elderly as well as young people. It has often been observed that some people do not pay attention to drinking water at work due to which their body slowly loses water and vital substances.

It starts to decrease and suddenly it increases and causes a complex disease but if the disease is diagnosed and controlled at the beginning then it is possible to avoid the complex problems that may occur later.

According to medical science, even a slight decrease of one to two percent in the amount of water in the body can seriously affect the ability to perform daily activities. Unfortunately, it is not easy to identify the early stages of dehydration, since the most common symptoms are those that can be the result of a number of other causes.

However, if you see the following signs in hot weather, it is better to drink one or two glasses of water so that there is no problem of dehydration in the body.

Bad breath or dry mouth

Of course, bad breath is not necessarily the result of dehydration, but it is one of the most important symptoms. When there is a lack of water in the body, the process of formation of saliva is also affected, which works to break down and clean the food particles in the mouth.

Inflammation of the salivary glands leads to the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath, so if you have this problem, try drinking one or two glasses of water. Was being victimized.

Similarly, dry mouth is another possible sign of dehydration, but it can also be caused by various medical problems. However, it is better if the mouth often feels dry or sticky, or feels thirsty all the time. Get checked by a doctor.

Muscle pain or their stiffness

According to medical experts, if muscles become stiff during physical activity, it can be the result of dehydration and lack of electrolytes, as the body becomes deficient in important minerals such as sodium and potassium.

These minerals help maintain the water level balance in the body and also regulate the functions of the nervous system.

Dehydration is not just a problem for those who are accustomed to strenuous physical activity, but if they feel pain or stiffness in the muscles during walking, it can also be a sign of drinking less water.


Headaches are really a common symptom of mild to moderate dehydration, which can be severe or even severe. Dehydration also makes the problem of migraine more active, the cause of which is not yet fully understood. However, according to researchers, dehydration temporarily shrinks brain tissue and results in headaches.

Changes in the color of urine

It can also be considered the easiest way to catch dehydration, just look at the color of the urine if it is dark yellow then it is a sign to the body to drink one or two glasses of water. The more water you get into the habit of drinking, the clearer the color of the urine, and the lighter the yellow color indicates hydration.


If you suddenly feel dizzy or feel nauseous, it may be the result of an illness, but it can also cause dehydration. These flu-like symptoms in summer can also be the result of dehydration, in which people may also experience a fever or chills, which can lead to severe dehydration.

To be hungry

Thirst and fatigue are linked, as they are controlled by a part of the brain that also takes care of body temperature. If you start to feel hungry again shortly after eating, it may not be really hunger or thirst. If any of the above symptoms are present with this sudden hunger, it is the result of dehydration, but people often fail to understand it.


An adequate amount of water in the body is the most important way to keep energy levels stable throughout the day. Hydration helps the body get important components to the cells and the organs continue their functions, but dehydration makes these functions fatigued.

And yes, water is a factor that directly affects sleep quality, a lack of which also affects sleep. However, drinking too much water is also harmful as you have to get up at night to urinate several times which can lead to fatigue, so maintaining balance should be the main goal.

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