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E-Clinic during COVID-19

E-Clinic during COVID-19

Special instructions to all post-transplant patients during Corona Virus:

Corona Virus poses high risks for patients who take regular immunosuppressants like patients who have undergone a liver transplant.

Monitoring your tests and clinical condition is mandatory in the post-transplant status.

We recommend that U must not visit physically for routine follow up to the department to minimize coronavirus exposure for u and your family during this period of Coronavirus outbreak

E clinic during Corona Virus:

Hepatology and liver transplant department at Quaid e Azam International hospital has made special arrangements for providing a “Telemedicine consultation facility” for all post-transplant liver transplant patients.

We will provide medical advice for u using either a telephonic, WhatsApp, Skype, or any other suitable electronic communication directly by one of the transplant specialist doctors.

Please follow the following steps to avail this facility
 Contact our helpline numbers: 0333-1027351 & 0333-1027352 to book your appointment.

Dr. Faisal dar’s team Specialists Doctors will provide online consultation.

-Dr. Najmul Hassan Shah
-Dr. Mohammad Salih
-Dr. Brig ® Amjad Salamat
-Dr. Mohammad Javed Afridi

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