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Organ Donation in Islam, Is Organ Donations Permissible?

Organ Donation in Islam

Is Organ Donations Permissible?

Organ donation in general and deceased organ donation, in particular, is a very sensitive topic in Muslim societies. Utter a word about it, and you open a Pandora box of arguments and disagreements Organ Donation in Islam. Most of us are contemporary Muslims, and with only superficial and knowledge about our Deen. Would immediately declare also organ donations as unislamic.

Islam is a complete code of life and it can offer a solution to every problem. The pillars of Sharia, Quran, Sunnah, Ijtihad, Qayas, and Ijma allow Muslim scholars. To find answers to any question that arises at any time according to Islamic jurisprudence. Organ donation is one such contemporary question. Organ donation is a new medical procedure so does Islam lacks any defining guidelines, not at all. Unfortunately, organ donation is considered as unislamic and unethical by many Pakistanis. That is the reason that very few Pakistanis volunteer for organ donation and the country consequently faces severe organ shortage. What is Islamic guidance? let’s have a look without any further ado.

Organ Donation in Islam

Nearly all Islamic scholars unanimously agree upon the topic of living organ donation. According to prominent Islamic Scholars Islam not only permits but also encourages living organ donation if it is used to save lives and no harm is intended to the donor. Most agree that living donations carry enormous rewards and an act of Islamic brotherhood.

Deceased organ donation is the most misinterpreted topic among many Muslim countries. Some consider it unIslamic/unethical, others term it straight as dishonoring/mutilation of dead bodies. Islam believes in saving lives and removing the hardships, of other Muslim brethren. so how on earth can we term organ donation against Islam?. The world Muslim League (WML leading body of international Islamic scholars), permitted and encouraged organ donation both living and deceased since 1985. Prominent scholars from all over the world are of the view that organ donation is permissible in Islam. Recently Sindh Institute of Urology has arranged a seminar, on this topic with the collaboration of the UK Muslim Board. where the attending Islamic Ulema expressed their views about the permissibility of organ donation according to Sharia.

– Detailed Insights

All Islamic countries, that have organ transplant facilities permit and encourage organ donation. Deceased organ donation is by no means mutilation or dishonoring the dead body. It is a proper surgical procedure where a dead body is kept intact and is permissible according to Sharia law. Islamic scholars all over the world agree that organ donation after death and post mortem procedure to find the cause of death is not against the teaching of Islam.

Organ donation is saving lives, a selfless act that carries enormous Ajar and is the highest form of Sadaq e Jaria. Due to misconception and very few people volunteer as organ donors in Pakistan. Even practicing Muslims have doubts in their mind and don’t venture into this arena. We need to change this and we need to save lives. lives of those patients who die every year in this country and waiting for organ donations.

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