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Specialities Treatment

Specialities Treatment


Liver Transplant for adults
Liver Transplant for children and infants
Pancreatic cancer Surgery
Gallbladder Surgery
Liver Cancer Surgery
Endoscopic Ultrasound
ERCP / Stenting of bile duct
Advanced Endoscopy
Single Balloon Enteroscopy
Double Balloon Enteroscopy
Full Hepatology Services
– Treatment of viral hepatitis
– Medical Treatment of liver diseases
– Complex Endoscopic Management of liver diseases
Interventional Radiology
– Transarterial Chemoembolization
– Radiofrequency Ablation for Liver tumors
– Microwave Ablation for liver tumors
– TIPS Procedure
– Liver Abscess Drainage
– Liver Biopsy

The team of experts
Dr. Najam ul Hassan
– Dr. Muhammad Salih
– Dr. Amjad Salamat
– Dr. Ehsan Kiani
– Dr. Fawad Ismail
– Dr. Siraj Haider

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