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The growth of cancerous cells within the lining of the stomach is known as stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is one of those cancers, which are difficult to diagnose at the early stages, as most of the people do not show any symptoms in the beginning. The typical signs and symptoms of stomach cancer include severe stomachaches, bloated tummy, fatigue, severe indigestion that is always present, heartburns, unexplained & persistent nausea, and sudden weight loss. These symptoms usually appear slowly with time. However, one should always stay alert and consult a doctor if the symptoms worry you!

Generally, cancer begins when mutation or an error occurs in the DNA of a cell. Scientists are still not sure about what makes the cancer cells start growing in the stomach but there are a few factors that can increase the risk of cancer.

Few factors that increase the risk of stomach cancer:

Ulcers in your stomach occur when there is an infection of the common bacteria, H. pylori. It damages and inflames the inner layer of the stomach and also causes lymphoma of the stomach.

Smoking found to associated with stomach cancer according to a recent study. A diet, which high in smoke, can also cause gastric cancer.

Epstein-Barr Virus or EBV infection is a human herpesvirus and found to a cause of gastric cancer. The best way to avoid it is to have separate glasses, silverware, or toothbrushes and avoiding sexual contact with the infected persons.

Lifestyle plays an important role as well. Eating too much meat, salty, spicy or processed food, alcohol intake. And a lack of physical activity can also cause stomach cancer.

Exposure to Asbestos, naturally occurring silicate minerals have been linked to gastric and colon cancers. It also causes other gastrointestinal problems and lymphoma.

Obesity contributes to gastric cancer or specifically of the upper stomach, according to a study. Physiologically, the chronic inflammation associated with obesity increases the risk of gastric cancer.

Stomach Polyps are abnormal masses or growths on the lining of your stomach. Most of them harmless but some even turn into cancer if not treated or persistent.

It not clear what exactly causes, but there are many ways that can avoid it. Such as daily exercise or workout keeps your overall body fit and in good health. A diet rich in fiber and proteins keep your stomach healthy and provide you your strength. Avoid passive and all sorts of smoking. it’s not only bad for your lungs but for your other internal organs as well.

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