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Unhealthy Liver & It’s Symptoms

Unhealthy Liver & It’s Symptoms

Unhealthy Liver:

The Liver helps with the detoxification of the human body. Which is a very important and essential process in keeping the human body healthy. For that reason, it essential that the liver itself is in good and healthy condition. because only then would it be able to perform its functions in a proper manner.

It is very important that we take care of our liver. One may end up with an unhealthy liver due to many factors. Such as an unhealthy diet, consuming excessive alcohol, or an unhealthy lifestyle, etc.

Liver related diseases common, but they may often go unnoticed or diagnosed. Therefore, one needs to watchful of the symptoms. signs that may relate to an unhealthy liver or liver disease.

Like every disease, liver-related diseases too have symptoms that can tell you that you may an unhealthy liver.

Some of the symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Itchy Skin: Your skin itching occasionally a normal thing, but if started to happen more and more regularly. it may an early symptom.
  • Skin and Eyes turning Yellow: This condition could Jaundice and a result of an increase of Bilirubin in your body.
  • Change in your weight: If you gained a lot of weight, or have lost a lot of it. it might a symptom of an unhealthy liver.
  • Weak Memory: If your memory getting weaker. it could a sign of liver damage.
  • Abnormal Sleep Cycle: If you having trouble sleeping, or having a good sleep cycle, your liver co damaged. As it too one of the symptoms.
  • You are often tired: If you often tired, even without doing anything, or by doing very little, you may unhealthy liver.
  • Loss of appetite: If you started losing your appetite. A good idea to get your liver checked, as it may be damaged.
  • Lack of Concentration: Another symptom, that if you are finding it hard to concentrate on day to day tasks, your liver might be damaged.
  • Feeling confused: If you remain confused much more than normal, it might the result of a damaged liver.
  • Body ache: If your body aching more than normal, you might want to get your liver checked.

There are many other symptoms as well including but not limited to a dry mouth. swollen ankles, and feet, dark urine, a shift or change in your overall personality, etc.

The symptoms of liver damage both physical and mental. And important that they don’t go unnoticed by the person, and if they note any of the symptoms within themselves. They should get themselves checked by a professional.

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