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breast cancer

Breast cancer ! A rapidly spreading disease in women

Breast Cancer

According to the WHO, about 500,000 women died of breast cancer worldwide in 2011. Breast cancer is now the leading cause of cancer in women worldwide.

Breast cancer in Pakistan is still lower than in the developed world, but the difference is that it is detected here when the disease has increased and therefore treatment becomes difficult.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer cases are on the rise in developing countries as the average age there is increasing, people are living in cities and living a Western-style lifestyle.

Why Breast Cancer Occurs?

According to a study, there are many reasons why breast cancer occurs, including prolonged menstruation and the birth of the first child in old age, i.e., the excess of estrogen hormone in the body is dangerous. But mothers who breastfeed their babies are safer than breast cancer.

According to experts, most cases of cancer cannot be prevented, but if the disease is detected in time, the death rate from cancer can be greatly reduced and the quality of life can be improved for the rest. Symptoms of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

The best way to diagnose is mammography, but according to health experts, women should take care that no lumps are felt in their breasts, breast size does not change, nipples are not ‘upside down. That is, it is not going in, no F is flowing from the nipple, there is no swelling or lump in the armpit and there is no pain or discomfort in the chest which is not healing. These can be symptoms of breast cancer.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

To diagnose breast cancer, mammography is used to diagnose breast tumors before they grow.

Mammography is an X-ray specific to the diagnosis of breast cancer that diagnoses the lumps in the breast and thus prevents its spread.

In the first stage of breast cancer, a lump is built in the breast which is small in size and causes pain.


Mammography is an X-ray specific to the diagnosis of breast cancer that diagnoses the lumps in the breast and thus prevents its spread. For women, regular screening is the most effective way to prevent death from breast cancer.

Barriers to Timely Diagnosis and Management of Breast Cancer

Elements such as poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance delay the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Geographical, social, and cultural barriers exacerbate the situation. For example, the remoteness of large hospitals, socio-economic conditions, cultural norms, and lack of awareness of the symptoms of cancer are some of the problems that exacerbate the problem. Therefore, tremendous results can be achieved by recognizing and removing these barriers and launching a national breast cancer program.


Breast cancer does not end life. It is a dangerous disease but it can be controlled if diagnosed in time. All that is needed is awareness.

In the first stage of breast cancer, a lump forms in the breast which is small and causes pain. The first stage determines that the cancer is now damaging the tissues independently.


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