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fatty liver

Fatty liver

Description …

A small amount of fat in the liver is a normal function, but an increase in stored fat can lead to many problems. The liver is the second largest organ of the body and its function is to transform the food we eat and drink and to remove harmful substances from the blood. Increasing the accumulation of fat in the liver weakens the natural function of the liver. When the liver accumulates more than 5-10% of its total body fat, it will be considered a fatty liver.

The relationship of fats to the liver …

In fact, the liver is the main organ in the metabolism of food. But remember the liver contains glucose. Grease There is also a store for vitamins and other minerals. Foods that are eaten daily are digested and stored in the liver cells. And with that comes the cost.

Definition of fatty liver.

In this disease, fat accumulates in the liver. This condition is also called hepatic steatosis.


Fatty Liver Diagnosis

  1. Physical examination.

If the patient has a swollen liver, the doctor may examine the abdomen and notice an enlarged liver.

  1. Blood test If the liver enzymes in the liver function test LFT are higher than normal then it is not necessary to have fatty liver but the causes of inflammation of the liver can be considered. An ultrasound is recommended for fatty liver.
  2. The white spot on the liver in the ultrasound shows the fatty liver.
  3. In addition, CT SCAN can be further diagnosed with MRI and FIBRO SCAN.
  4. LIVER BIOPSY. In this test, liver tissue is taken and studied in a laboratory.
Cause of Fatty Liver 

The cause of fatty liver is different in almost every patient, but there are two common causes.

One is excessive drinking and the other is prolonged dieting, during which energy needs are met by carbohydrates. If exercise is done along with dieting, the severity of the disease decreases, while in some cases the liver recovers completely. If the disease has worsened, then the physician may prescribe drugs that can reduce the resistance to insulin. In addition, gastric surgery may be helpful for weight loss, as it will help in the recovery of 90% of patients with fatty liver.


Fatty liver and its treatment.

No matter what the disease, the specific medicine for the disease can never be given just by hearing the name. Medicines should be chosen according to the disease and mood.

Medicines will always be given according to the condition according to the symptoms of the disease.

Unfortunately, no cure has yet been introduced for the treatment of fatty liver. However, if the treatment is in accordance with the causative factors, then the disease will be cured, provided the treatment is timely.

Some foods are also effective in reducing the severity of the disease. Also, some fruits, vegetables, high fiber intake, fiber-rich foods, low sugar, salt, fat, emphasis on carbohydrates, and strict prohibition of alcohol.

Proper use of coffee can also be helpful. According to a recent study, the liver of fatty liver patients who drink coffee suffers less liver damage than those who do not drink coffee, because caffeine reduces the increased amount of liver enzymes.

 Green leaves. The use of veggies is not only for liver patients but also for weight loss. Foods made from broccoli (a type of cabbage) and tofu soybeans also prevent fat from accumulating in the liver. Fish and olive oil contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce liver fat. Are proven. Similarly, barley and its porridge not only provide energy to the body but are also useful for weight loss.


Consumption of dried fruits

especially walnuts improve liver function. One of the pear-shaped fruits is avocado, which contains certain chemicals, which help to gradually eliminate the harmful effects on the liver. Also, this fruit is effective for weight loss. Similarly, milk and dairy products also contain proteins that protect the liver from harmful effects. Similarly, sunflower seeds contain a significant amount of Vitamin E and are anti-inflammatory. It acts as an oxidant and protects the liver from further damage. While garlic is used for weight loss, it is also beneficial for fatty liver.


Consumption of certain foods is harmful to the liver

These include all foods that cause weight gain and high blood sugar. Alcohol consumption can lead to other liver diseases besides fatty liver. Yes, so it is very important to avoid it completely. Also avoid sugary foods such as candies, cookies, carbonated drinks, and fruit juices. If blood sugar levels rise, excess fat will build up in the liver. Also, fried foods should be used sparingly. White flour, rice, pasta, etc. also increase the amount of sugar in the blood which is harmful to the liver, so always use flour without sifting. Care should also be taken in the use of red meat.

Lifestyle can help to reduce the risk of Fatty Liver

Also, some lifestyle changes are needed along with diet to protect against fatty liver. For example, be as active as possible. In this way, one will lose weight. Second, the liver will also work better, for which at least 30 minutes of daily exercise should be your routine. To control cholesterol, useless sugary and fatty foods in your daily diet. If the cholesterol is not reduced through diet and exercise, use the medicine on the advice of a doctor. Remember, sometimes diabetes is accompanied by fatty liver disease, so diabetics especially control their blood sugar, which requires a balanced diet, exercise, and medication.

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