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Obesity, its Causes and best Treatment for Obesity

Obesity is not only the enemy of your beauty but also the enemy of your health. It can even kill you.

Like other countries in the world, the people of Pakistan also face health problems due to obesity. Although no figures are available, experts say an estimated one-third of the country’s population is overweight.

Not only that, but 10 to 15% of the country’s total population, or more than 20 million people, are regularly obese.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a physical condition of the human body in which body fat is formed and weight gain occurs.

Does everyone who eats too much fat Will Be Obese?

This is generally true, but not necessarily. Why is it that two people who eat the same diet and both do not exercise, one of them is thin and the other is fat?

To date, experts have not been able to give a satisfactory answer to the question of why some people are obese. There have been many studies on whether a person is obese or gains weight, and whenever a new cause emerges, it is often thought that a person’s lifestyle, overeating or sitting or sleeping all the time live in. Staying alive and not exercising can lead to weight gain and obesity. But it is also a fact that some people in the world eat all kinds of food, do no X-rays, including sitting for long periods but still do not become obese.


Problems Due to Obesity.

Obesity certainly causes many problems. Obesity is also a major cause of death in developed countries, including developing countries. An estimated 70% of people worldwide are obese or overweight.

People who are obese or want to lose weight prefer to stay hungry longer and do different exercises.

Every human body is different. Everyone’s ability to absorb nutrients and distribute food throughout the body is also unique. We all know how to gain weight. We start gaining weight when we start eating more calories than we need, but why do we start eating more than we need? Because sometimes there is a sudden urge to eat high-calorie items like chocolate or cake.

However, we know that after a while we will regret it. Obesity is always the result of overeating. (If there is no disease). If the amount of energy in our food is more than the amount of energy, that we use daily, then this extra amount keeps accumulating in our body in the form of fat and leads to weight gain. So, it is better to exercise properly with it.

Live a Life Without Obesity

 The following steps are essential to prevent obesity and lead a healthy life

  • An active lifestyle
  • Daily exercise
  • A balanced diet
  • Seven to eight hours of restful sleep
  • proper medication in case of any illness
  • A medical checkup once or twice a year.
  • Taking the above steps can lead you to a healthier life.

 Some Prominent Causes of Obesity

  • Overeating
    Obesity is always the result of overeating. (If there is no disease)۔
  • Stress
    Experts have also found evidence that stress is a major cause of obesity. When we are under a lot of pressure,     our sleep is bad, so we feel hungrier and eat something to relax and the blood sugar level is also affected.
  • Smoking
    Smoking affects the respiratory system, reducing the use of oxygen. As a result, appetite increases and weight gain begins.
  • The cause of family genes
    Some families have unhealthy genes that cause increased appetite and that can lead to obesity
  • Habits and customs
    Some family habits and eating habits can lead to obesity.

What can be Done to Prevent Obesity?

From what we eat and drink, we need to know how much food our body needs. You should eat when you are hungry. If you are still hungry, you should stop eating. It is such a great principle that those who adopt it are very harmonious, active, active, and very active. All their senses work perfectly and they do not get tired.

Recommended Calories

A healthy person, no matter how much he weighs, needs about 2,000 calories a day. If you have to sit in the office all day or do something that doesn’t take much effort, on the other hand, a laborer picks up sacks or shakes the fields, burns more calories than the first person needs. Will be. The sign of hard work is that the body starts sweating and the pulse rate increases, the speed of breathing increases. In this case, we can say that more energy or more calories were used.

keep your Calories to a minimum to lose Weight

Take your weight in pounds and multiply by 12 to find out how many calories you need to consume in a day. Multiplying the weight of 100 pounds by 12 gives 1200. That means you have to eat 1200 calories a day. If you keep your calories to a minimum to lose weight, you will lose weight. This rule is for men. Women will reduce their calorie intake by 6%. That is, for a hundred pounds.


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