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The Liver’s largest organ found in the human body. It involved in many important functions and chemical reactions and considered as the metabolic factory of our body. It stores carbohydrates, uses fats to provide energy, stores minerals, and vitamins. Breaks down proteins, and also involved in the production of blood clotting factors.

Cancer! This six-letter word can make your whole existence upside down. one of those diseases that spread faster than anything else in the entire world. A very invasive and destructive enemy of our body. The body cells start to grow and divide uncontrollably. And then they migrate to different sites of the body. which can even result in death if not cured on time. Cancer different types. Here we will focus on liver cancer in Children.

Symptoms of liver cancer in Children

Liver cancer in children known as Hepatoblastoma. It occurs in young children in the form of a tumor in the liver. The cause of Hepatoblastoma still not defined, no genetic linkage but it usually occurs to those children who develop the condition of Beckwith-Wiedemann or have a family history of familial polyposis coli. It occurs between the ages of one and two years.

The symptoms of liver cancer, include pain in the abdomen although the symptoms become more prominent when the size of the tumor gets enlarged. There a loss of appetite, swollen belly, nausea and vomiting, lethargy and fever, etc.

The first step of investigation involves tests to diagnose the disease in order to determine the level of cancer and then to treat it accordingly. The diagnoses involve blood tests to detect the presence of tumors in the blood. Then the ultrasound of the liver done in order to find out the size of the tumor, and then a detailed CT scan of the abdomen to check if it spread. Then finally biopsy of the tumor done to make the final diagnosis.

chances of recovery and treatment:

The chances of recovery and treatment depend upon the stage of cancer. The size of the tumor, relapse, or the risk group your child falls into.  The treatment usually involves surgery, chemotherapy, and liver transplantation if needed.

Chemotherapy carried out in order to destroy the cancer cells and to shrink them. It is given through injections in the vein. Some side effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss, nausea and vomiting, bone marrow suppression, and sore mouth.  After chemotherapy, surgery performed by a liver surgeon to completely remove the tumors from the area.

Hospital for liver transplant:

Us being a part of the 21st-century advanced technology for treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital the only facility in Pakistan which got a dedicated Liver ICU for liver transplantation, complex help to-pancreatic-biliary surgery, and critically sick liver patients. The Endoscopy suite, in addition to routine diagnostic and therapeutic GI procedure. its dedicated fluoroscopy room which caters to more than 600 ERCP per year along with esophageal dilatation, nasojejunal tube placement, and antral/ colonic stenting. But our first and foremost priority to prevent the disease and spread awareness about it. We need to understand how precious our lives and how common this disease and the risks involved. 

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