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Chronic Pancreatitis Diagnosis & Treatment

Chronic Pancreatitis Diagnosis & Treatment

Early diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis crucial in a healthy outcome. Various techniques are used for differential diagnosis of pancreatitis. Clinical findings of abdominal pain, foul-smelling stool. diabetes often positive in chronic pancreatitis. Lab tests not very specific but secretin and trypsinogen test shows relative specificity.

Abdominal ultrasound is performed to aid in diagnosis. Abdominal CT, MRI, and endoscopic examination are non-invasive and highly specific procedures for the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis.

Treatment options consist of medicine for pain, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, and other associated symptoms management, a therapeutic endoscopic procedure, and surgery.


Chronic pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas with progressive and destructive changes. Altering the structure and function of the pancreas. 


The gold standard for the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis is tissue. but due to its invasive nature and it rarely performed. Our professional at Dr. Faisal Dar Liver Clinic Quaid e Azam hospital, use a combination of clinical findings, radiography, and functional findings to diagnose it. Here a brief breakdown of various procedures used for the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis.

Clinical Findings:

Highly trained professionals at Dr. Faisal Dar clinic, use a physical examination to look for any symptoms of pancreatic disorders. Differential diagnoses decided by expert evaluation of the clinical data. Abdominal pain the most commonly presented complaint, epigastric pain radiating towards the back, worse after a meal, and relieved by leaning forward a positive sign.

Foul-smelling, grey, bulky, fatty stools are often present. Diabetes a late complication also, but if present helps us in the differential diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis.

Lab Tests:

Dr. Faisal Dar Clinic at Quaid e Azam hospital provides all diagnostic facilities under one roof. The liver function test, stool examination, and serum trypsinogen are carried out to diagnose chronic pancreatitis. These tests are not super specific, and often only positive in the advanced stage of the disease. The secretin stimulation test considered the best test for its diagnosis.

Abdominal Ultrasound:

Abdominal Ultrasound is performed but few limation. Findings suggestive of chronic pancreatitis include dilatation of the pancreatic duct and presence of pancreatic ductal stones, gland atrophy or enlargement, irregular gland margins, pseudocysts, and changes in the parenchymal echotexture.

Computed Tomography of the Abdomen

This procedure is non-invasive, widely available, and very good sensitivity for diagnosing moderate, to severe chronic pancreatitis. Findings suggestive of chronic pancreatitis include calcifications within the pancreatic ducts or parenchyma and/or dilated main pancreatic ducts. Our experts at Quaid e Azam hospital use thin 5mm slices with helical computed tomography for Optimal evaluation of the pancreas.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

This is a relatively new technique and not often performed except in a few specialized cases. It is useful for patients with gastric outlet obstruction, and surgically altered anatomy.

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography

If other non-invasive procedure fails to support diagnosis, we often perform ERCP. It widely available and can use for therapeutic intervention. ERCP considered the gold standard for diagnosis, but it needs operator expertise. We ensure you with unparalleled expertise in early diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis.


Treatment of chronic pancreatitis needs expert supervision and performed by staff specifically trained for this purpose. We  have one of a kind specialized diagnostic and treatment facility, So you can reach us with confidence and ease of mind.

Treatment options for chronic pancreatitis include:

  • Medicine for pain management, diarrhea, and other symptoms. Vitamins and other nutrients in case of malabsorption.
  • Chronic pancreatitis leads to diabetes. If you get diabetes we will help you control diabetes by making eating plans, routine medicine, and blood glucose monitoring. Medicine to help your digestion prescribed.
  • Surgery to remove a blockage, or damaged/ infected part of the pancreas. Endoscopy therapeutic procedures also offered by Dr. Faisal Dar and the team.
  • If it a very advanced stage and there is no other option then we may remove the whole pancreas, followed by hormone-secreting islets transplantation into the liver. A very complicated surgery and only performed by the highest qualified and experienced team of surgeons at Dr. Faisal Dar clinic, Quaid e Azam Hospital Islamabad.
  • Treatment of alcohol dependence, lifestyle, and eating habits changes are important factors in its successful treatment.

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