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Liver Transplantation, A chance to life

Liver Transplantation, A chance to life

Liver Transplantation:

Liver transplantation is the blessing that has been saving many lives! It is one of the products of advanced medical technologies and techniques. This procedure is usually done on the patients suffering from cirrhosis which happens because of consumption of alcohol or hepatitis C and then the damaged liver is replaced with another liver donated by a deceased or a living donor. The surgery takes its time according to the condition but usually, it lasts from 4 to 14 hours.

Mainly, there are three types of liver transplants. The most common one was Orthotopic liver transplant where the liver is taken out from a dead or deceased donor. Living donor transplantation requires a living donor who is willing to donate their liver to the patient.

Liver transplantation is a ray of hope for the patients suffering from severe liver-related diseases because the liver is the only organ that has the property to regrow to its full size after the surgery. There are some factors that have to match or be compatible with the transplant to be performed. It’s not in the control of anyone; it depends on your luck or how fast you can find the compatible donor!

Changes after liver transplantation:

Certain lifestyle changes are required for a liver transplant. A transplanted liver becomes sensitive to chemicals such as alcohol, sprays, and toxins. The recipients of liver transplant should avoid coming in contact with fumes and drinks as such. Drinking a lot of water is necessary! But it should be boiled or chlorinated so that it doesn’t harm your body. Of course, there will be a scar on your body post-transplant but that’s alright. If you face such a big procedure than you can face that too!

Dr. Faisal Saud Dar is a blessing for us Pakistanis as this procedure in the past was only performed in foreign countries and coasted a lot of money. But now! We have this facility in our very own country Pakistan.

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