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Liver Disease & Mental Health

Liver Disease & Mental Health

Liver Diseases & Mental Health:

Clinical depression is a mental disorder. That identified by persistent low mood or mood swings along with loss of interest in enjoyable moments and activities. According to research, Chronic Liver Disease associated with depression. Patients with chronic liver disease severe depression and anxiety tendencies as compared to healthier ones.

Usually, hepatitis is associated with cirrhosis. However, it not only the case. hepatitis can affect and damage one or more organs directly. Liver diseases indirectly affect the nervous system. The toxic substances during liver infection. Travel from the blood to different parts of the body. When these substances enter the brain. it becomes a neurological, condition known as Hepatic Encephalopathy.  Acute liver failure, the basic reason behind Hepatic Encephalopathy. but the co-factors include excessive consumption of alcohol, pneumonia, kidney failure, urinary tract infection and use of shunts, etc.

So how the brain affected by hepatic encephalopathy of great importance. In a healthy person, nitrogen-containing compounds transported to the liver from the intestines from where they excreted out of the body. When the liver damaged. These nitrogen-containing compounds aren’t excreted out. The ammonia levels increased and travel through the semi-permeable membrane of the brain which causes brain cells, “astrocytes” to swell which affects cognitive thinking.

The signs and symptoms of Hepatic Encephalopathy, include memory problems. Forgetfulness, anxiety, irritability, depression, confusion, amnesia, shaky hands, lethargy, and changes in personality. This condition usually hard to diagnose in the beginning and it leads to death. if the brain-damaged enough that it turns into a condition called cerebral edema. But, not to worry. This condition is treatable. Lactulose and anti-bacterial medication often prescribed as first-line therapy.

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