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Liver Detoxification & Its Purpose

Liver Detoxification

Before talking about liver detoxification. it is essential that we develop a basic understanding of the liver and its functions.

The largest organ that there in the human body is the Liver. A liver is a gland that a wide array of very critical bodily functions. such as the miniaturization of proteins, and metabolism of carbs and fats. while also eliminating harmful and toxic waste like drugs and alcohol. It also aids in digestion, by secreting bile.

Liver Detoxification:

Liver Detoxification may also refer to as ‘Liver Cleanse’.

There are many reasons one might want to cleanse their liver. As the liver is the detoxifier of the human body. Some believe that their liver holds onto some of the toxins. That it helps remove from the body, and therefore, needs to cleanse.

While some of the opinions that they can boost the functions of the liver by doing a liver cleanse. Which would ultimately lead to a faster body cleanse.

However, it only a myth that the liver can hold onto the toxins.

A liver detox would involve taking supplements. Avoiding processed or certain foods, going on a juice-based diet, etc.

There is little to no evidence that liver detoxification works, or that doing a cleanse. Can restore an already damaged or unhealthy liver.

However, some natural foods might help in keeping and maintaining a healthy liver. But it shouldn’t confuse with detoxification and not a treatment for an unhealthy and damaged liver.

-Natural foods:
  • Coffee: Coffee protects against the issue of fatty liver disease. and also protects the liver against chronic diseases. because coffee influences liver enzymes in a positive way.
  • Garlic: Garlic not only positively influences the enzymes of the liver. but it also helps in overall weight and fat reduction. which ultimately keeps the liver healthy as well.
  • Berries: Many different types of berries contain antioxidants, that keep the liver healthy.
  • Plant Food: Plant food includes the likes of avocado, broccoli, brown rice, kale, carrots, etc. This type of food keeps the body healthy, which keeps the liver healthy as well.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon contains antioxidants, and consuming them keeps the body and liver healthy.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts positively affect the blood circulation in your body. And, therefore, the toxins reach the liver in a better way, which are then flushed out by it.

In conclusion, the liver cannot be fixed or healed by detoxification or a cleanse. but there are ways in which it can keep healthy. If one has a clean and balanced diet, and a healthy body, the liver would healthy as well.

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