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Liver Regeneration & its Process

Liver Regeneration & its Process

Liver Regeneration

The liver is the largest organ located in the abdomen. which performs more than 500 important functions of the body. It disposes of all the toxic substances out of our body through the production of bile. Also stores, and gives us the energy we need during sleep or after waking up. such an important organ ability to tolerate many injuries. After any wound or damage. All the cells in the liver divide until the normal size of the liver restored. This unique and miraculous process known as “Liver Regeneration”.

If you observe the liver through a microscope under normal conditions, you would see it as a very quiet organ where very little cell division taking place. Only one cell dividing among the thousands of cells. However, if the liver damaged through alcohol, other chemicals, or due to some diseases. The cells would start to divide and grow themselves, this phenomenon known as Liver regeneration even mentioned in Greek Mythology. Liver regeneration occurs in all mammals. the only visceral organ, which the capacity to regrow itself. Even as little as 25% of the liver mass can regrow itself back into the full-sized liver.

-Process of liver regeneration

Basically, there are two types of events in which the liver needs to regenerate itself. First Partial hepatectomy, which the surgical resection of the liver. Three phases in which liver regeneration divided. First, the priming phase which occurs in 0-5 hours post hepatectomy in which hundreds of genes activated which prepare the liver for the regeneration. The second phase activates the growth factors which play a major role in regeneration. The third phase occurs when the hepatocytes enter the liver to start the process of proliferation.

This unique ability is very helpful during the times of liver transplantation when a healthy and matched donor, donates a part of his liver to the patient. The donor’s liver and as well as of the patient’s liver grows back in a short amount of time i.e. 1 week.

In the case of alcohol abuse or liver cirrhosis, the liver starts to heal itself the moment drinking or usage of chemicals or drugs stopped. The process can take up to a few weeks or even several years depending upon the damage been done.

Liver regeneration a very well-coordinated process by hepatocytes and other liver cells. The liver an amazing capacity to respond differently to the different injuries it receives. Thus, very important to take care of your liver throughout your life

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