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Organ Donation, Why Donate Organs:

organ donation awarnance month

Human organ have no alternative, so for patients with end stage organ failure the only hope is organ donation. Organ transplantation an established form of treatment, a life saving procedure, that performed by highly trained medical professionals. It wonderful outcome in saving lives and mitigating miseries. Organ transplantation performed according to, ” who need it the most” criteria. There is shortage of organs both nationally and internationally. In Pakistan an estimated 50000 people die each year waiting for organ donation. Many of these lives can saved by living and deceased organ donations. Anyone sufficiently healthy can opt for living organ donation. Blood, kidney, part of liver, part of lung, part of bone marrow, and skin tissue can donate without any complications.

Why Donate:

Organ donation is a medical procedure that involves surgical removal of an organ, part of an organ or tissue and transplanting it into a patient with end stage organ failure. Both living and deceased organ donations are performed these days. Deceased organ donation include kidney, liver, bone marrow, cornea, pancreas, intestine, heart, skin and other body tissue donation after death. Living organ donation, donation of part of liver, part of bone marrow, excessive skin tissue, bone and one organ among the anatomically paired organs like donation of a single kidney.

Organ donation and transplantation is a robust medical procedure performed by highly trained transplant professionals. So the question arises, why donate organs? The answer is, despite much medical advancement we are not yet able to produce human organs artificially in lab. So the only procedure left donate organs from living or deceased donors. Organ transplantation an establish mode of treatment and only performed in advanced stage organ failure, where normal life functions are severely impaired or there a risk of early death.

Save Lives:

For many organ donations is the only hope and new chance at life. Organs transplant often lead to increased life expectancy, proper functioning, end of miserable life and increased enthusiasm about life. Organ transplantation performed on the basis of who needs it the most, so medical community always face shortage of donated organs year in year out. More and more patients are registered for organ transplants every day and the waiting lists seem unending. There is a wide gap in the no of donors and recipients both nationally and internationally. In Pakistan alone a conservative estimate shows that more then 50000 patients die of organ failure each year including 15000 kidney, 10000 liver and 6500 heart failures cases. Many of these lives can saved by organ donations.

What organ can you donate

As a living donor you can donate an organ, part of an organ and tissue for transplantation to a patient during life. You can donate organ to your family members, friends or to any one if the prerequisite matching criteria meets. An organ, part of a an organ or tissue can donated during life. This include:

  • Blood may be donated every few months.
  • Bone marrow may donated to a person with bone marrow failure and certain types of cancer.
  • After hip replacement surgery part of the bone that removed can donated.
  • Kidneys occur in pair so you can donate one of your kidney if you rendered fit for donations by certified transplant professional.
  • Part of the liver can donated. Liver the wonderful capability of regeneration and it can grow back to its full size within weeks.
  • Part of the lungs can donated.
  • Skin the largest human organ that’s why skin tissue can donated without any complication or scar formation.

Who can donate:

Anyone can become an organ donor. If you are between the age of 18 to 60 and sufficiently healthy you can register for organ donation.

Who can not donate:

There are a very few absolute contradictions for organ donations. People with certain infections diseases and Cancer can not opt for donations, those with not properly functioning kidneys and individuals who specifically told by their health professional not to donate. Organ donation highly specific and personal decision and every individual monitored for any possibility that can contraindicate organ donation.

Organ donation a selfless act and great service to humanity. If you need any help don’t hesitate to reach us.

Dr. Faisal Dar (Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute, Lahore)

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