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Let me start by raising a simple query. What is a blessing? When we take this particular word in our view or hear it, what crosses our mind? Answering my own question. I have this perspective that whatever ease that comes into our lives as a holy grail, as a savior, a rescuer, is indeed a blessing. The life we are living right now is a blessing. Life was not a smooth sail in the past, it was uncertain and most importantly a struggle. We have now come a long way from the times when a person would, unfortunately. start battling for life after being diagnosed with a disease. when there not just the cure of these fearsome diseases such as cancer, HIV, hepatitis but even the diagnosis was a struggle. In the 21st century. we blessed with improved health care systems and improved machinery with whatever ups and downs we face regarding our health.

Today, I’ll talk about a fatal disease, Cancer. This six-letter word can make your whole existence upside down. one of those diseases that spread faster than anything else in the entire world. It is a very invasive and destructive enemy of our body. The body cells start to grow and divide uncontrollably and then they migrate to different sites of the body which can even result in death if not cured on time.

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According to IARC, in the last 25 years. The number of cancer patients has significantly increased in Pakistan and has taken the lives of 100,000 people in 2015. The most common type of cancer found in our country is lungs and breast cancer. The passing on of the defected genes does play a part in cancer occurrence. But most of the delayed cases are due to our own mistakes. The lack of education about the disease, the diet we take, the use of tobacco, exposure of radiations, etc. A few factors contributing to the disease.

The good news is that, we being part of the 21st century have cures and as well as diagnoses of almost all types of cancer. Although the treatment itself is devastating and requires a big heart and will power to go through that tough time but thinking about the better and healthy future can ease the pain. But our first and foremost target is to prevent the disease and speak up about it. We need to understand how precious our lives are and how common this disease is and the risks involved. Lions are encouraging all the cancer patients by helping them fight it and are also raising awareness about it. Be brave enough to speak up.

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