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Is it hard for you to get your little ones away from gadgets? Many parents suffer from extreme stress. Because of the excessive use of screen time, their children have been using it. Since the advent of technology, the world become a global village and influenced every country, city, or even our homes. Now we observe more people into heir gadgets rather than talking to one another, the same goes for our children. Their excessive use of technology is quite worrying. Research and kids spend more than 7 hours a day using screen media. Rather than being indulged in any physical activity which results in a lot of harmful effects on your child’s mental and physical health!

Screen time affects your child’s brain development. And may also slow down language development as well. It cuts down the creative activities your child needs to expand the imagination. creativity and limits him to only use screen media for entertainment and fun. Which leads to obesity over time. Screen times also disturb your child’s sleeping pattern. Which in return imbalances the hormones causing a slowdown in the metabolic rate of the body. leading to weight gain.

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The response rate to certain things become slower if your child is exposed to screen time more than required. Spending too much time in front of electronics also causes younger children to lack attention, memory, and communication skills. They filter out their attention and focus on one thing at one time only and are unable to recognize different c=voices in the family even.

Natural daylight is really important for your child’s vision and growth. If he would be staying in his room all day long using screen and other media, it would cause him eye fatigue and strain.

Being a parent, it’s your job to limit the screen time in order to save him from all the adverse effects that can trouble him in the end. Encourage them to take more part in physical activities such as going to parks, taking swings, running, etc.  Watch how your children react to screen time and how they behave when screens are taken away. Parental engagement is necessary for a child’s healthy development. A study found out that when a parent turned their attention towards their cellphones in presence of their child, they talked less to their child. So make sure, your priorities are set and you are setting the right example for your children to follow!

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