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Organic Food & It’s Benifits

Organic Food & It’s Benifits

Organic Food:

The growing trends of “fast food” across the globe attracting people especially the youth. These junk foods become the staple food of people around the world. The processed food bears the least food potential in it which doesn’t give much strength. To the human body as lacking nutrient values. Some two to three to four decades ago there not much known. About these artificially produced cereals, meat, chicken, milk, and other products, used in today’s foods of various kinds. The primitive methods of cultivation and live stocking not yielding. Gigantic quantities of grains, vegetables, fruits, chicken, dairy, and meat. But containing rich natural organic nutrient values in them. 

Benfits of Orgnic food:

Mighty food needs of the ever-increasing human population with explosive ratio. Necessitated the modern scientific inventions, and artificial methods to meet these needs. Chemically developed artificial fertilizers, instead of natural bio-organic fertilizers. Gave an extraordinary boost to crops in terms of quantity, but the quality of being natural severely compromised. The multi-time bigger quantities of crops made the growers overwhelmingly, pleased and satisfied as they started earning much more from per-acre. As compared to the earnings before the use of chemical fertilizers.    

Eventually, the illiterate and semi-literate formers did not know the dangers. Risks associated with the use of chemical fertilizers. When these chemical fertilizers boosted the crops they boosted. Unwanted weeds, herbs, pests, insects, and other harmful elements for crops. 

 This mushroom growth of harmful elements necessitated. The creation and use of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and other poisonous medicines. These poisonous inputs infected the yield of crops itself. 

 A similar artificial path used in the massive growth of inorganic poultry. live stocks that adulterate these products with poisonous effects. 

More about organic food:

These artificially processed foods, grown by these poisonous inputs. Cause dangerous harm to human health and quality of life. A number of fatal diseases of the present modern age caused by artificial poisonous. Inputs in crops growing, a number of researches revealed. 

Both short-term acute health effects and chronic diseases. Caused by the use of pesticides on crops and artificially developed chemical feed for poultry and livestock. 

Blindness, stinging eyes, dizziness, rashes, nausea, asthma, diarrhea, anxiety, depression, attention deficit, hypertension, and even cancer can be caused by pesticides and other poisonous inputs. 

The widespread use of these artificially grown foods causing severe influences not only on human physical health but also human mental health and reproductive system researches reveal.

These artificial elements putting adverse effects on food quality which eventually badly damages human health. 

The primitive methods of cultivation and use of organic inputs including bio and organic fertilizers, natural seeds, and prevention of crops through manual manners were not producing a yield of quantity in comparison with a hefty amount of production with artificial modern means and use of inorganic inputs. 

But that organically grown and developed food was health-friendly and was not causing to fatal and killing diseases of the present modern age. 

According to a number of researchers, such modern implements and inputs are causing fatal diseases like cancer and many others mentioned earlier.

As the population grows explosively and the use of land is increasing for other purposes. than agriculture these modern methods, artificially developed seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides became ‘need” of the day. Such measures and artificiality turned as the “necessity” than choice. 

Chemical foods and its effect:

On the other hand, the diseases caused by these chemically grown food crops turned. The medicines used for the cure of these diseases a hefty industry of trillion dollars across the globe.   Now the medicines’ industry is the second largest industry after the “war industry”. Only in 2018 the total health and wellness related industry amounted to 4.5 trillion US dollars. This means 52700 billion Pakistani rupees, in the US only, and trillion of more dollars engaged in the business of healthcare around the world. The most modern and sophisticated instruments, diagnostic machines, equipment, expensive medicines, operations involve trillions of dollars across the globe. To cure the diseases caused by contaminated food, water, and another unhygienic and polluted way of life. 

The trillion dollars industries are financially benefited by the artificially grown food. Pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, and the fatal diseases sprout in consequence of these artificial and chemical oriented foods.

Live healthily, eat organic food.

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